12 Reasons For Make Business

  1. Experience of 43 years in the market.
  2. An operating team that knows perform its functions to achieve optimal quality of our machines.
  3. Its manufacture is manual, this gives us confidence in every detail of preparation.
  4. Logistics and machinery that facilitates manufacture of balers Sealers and infrastructure.
  5. Customers in each of the departments and outside it, who attest to the good service of our machines Sealers and balers, and good maintenance we offer.
  6. Different vendors who supply us with the best raw material.
  7. Some products we produce the raw material itself to ensure the continuity of them on the market.
  8. Ease of maintenance and procurement of spare parts in our factory.
  9. Reference variety in our packing and sealing machines, to ensure the customer a good solution in the packing or sealing your product.
  10. Compliance within the agreed time for delivery of the goods.
  11. Sealers operation of our machines and packing in different supply centers, revolving funds, supermarkets, barns, mills, packing houses and shops of the country. Who credited the acceptance of them, easy handling and visualization for stakeholders operating in each of these places.
  12. The clear conviction that every Sealing Machine or acquires a customer Baler is to improve or create a small business that helps job creation and development.
Hagamos Negocio


JOSERREGO he born in 1972 in the city of Ibague in Tolima - Colombia. Its creator José R. González Montero, a man who after seeing the progress and growth of polyethylenes in the daily consumption and the different uses that were giving in society, was given the task of creating Sealers for plastics and balers grain, with the system mechanically. It starts creating 6 references and today, due to the experience and needs of our customers are over 37 in all Sealers style and balers for grains and liquids. In addition today we build machines in environmental line and made ​​according to the specific requests of our customers.

There are more than 43 years making fulfill the dreams of packing and sealing helping to create micro - enterprises in more than 176 municipalities, 24 departments of Colombia and 6 countries.



are consistent with the thinking, speaking and acting, framed within the principles and business values; is a value that will appear with correct, clear, transparent and ethical attitudes.

Social responsibility
We comply with obligations and commitments by society, assuming the consequences of actions and omissions.

We join our forces between employees, suppliers and customers, coordinated towards achieving the objectives. We do our work in harmony, agreed working methods, we maintain a permanent, clear and effective communication. We are a group of people committed to a common purpose and are mutually responsible for the results of the organization.

maintain and improve the quality of our products and services through technological development, a highly competent team and adequate prices.

Customer Service
We meet and we exceed the expectations of our internal and external customers with solutions to all their concerns creating an atmosphere of tranquility, mutual trust and loyalty.









We are a Colombian organization, located in the department of Tolima in the capital city; 1972 and today caused by presence in the national and international market, dedicated to providing packaging solutions, social and environmental, through the manufacture of packing, sealing and mechanical machinery line; providing a response to the needs and preferences of our customers, being recognized for providing comprehensive solutions and high quality products.


By 2020 we will be the leading company in solutions, products and services nationwide in the mechanical line, expanding our coverage from 24 to 30 departments and 6 countries over the market. We will achieve this by being faithful to our corporate principles.