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Máquina Empacadora Semiautomática Dosificador Circular Libra

Máquina Dosificadora Rectangular

Máquina Dosificadora y Empacadora Doble Mordaza

Máquina Dosificadora y Empacadora Productos Impalpables

Tolva y Elevador Referencia 0401 – 3002

Empacadora Manual Tolva Alta

Empacadora Manual Tolva Baja. Referencia 0500

Empacadora y Selladora de Panela. Referencia 0310

Equipo Para Empacar Liquidos, Productos Viscosos y Semisolidos

Selladora Industrial Con Mueble

Selladoras Popular Referencia 0108 – 0113 – 0116

Plancha Industrial


Ver Máquina Maquila de Grano

Residuos Organicos

Peladora De Mimbre

Carro Limpieza ó Aseo


Joserrego Machines

We maintain and improve the quality of our products and services through technological development, a highly competent team and adequate prices.


Algunas Razones Para Elegir Our Machines

Low Energy Consumption

Energy consumption in our sealers and packaging machines is the lowest of the entire market

Guaranteed Parts

We guarantee the continuous reference of each of the parts of different machines

More Than Sale Machines

Much more than selling machines... we offer packaging, social and environmental solutions for your business

Manual Processing

Our products are hand made ensuring quality, efficiency and effectiveness

Guarantee For Your Investment

We offer full warranty on all our products, providing security for investment, the profit is yours here

Experience Over 43 Years

We are an organization with more than 43 years in the market, being recognized inside and outside the country